15 September 2010

An Appreciation for College Freshman

I just love Freshman. I loved them when I was a freshman, and now that I'm in my final semester in Provo I still love them. I love their dining plans and their ability to stress out about everything. This post is sponsored by an experience I had today in my Comms 101 class- a class filled with first semesterites. We were learning about huge corporations and the teacher showed  a brief clip of 30 Rock where Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan) introduces a product idea to Jackie D (Alec Baldwin). When it was done our teacher told us 30 Rock was a really funny show and educational due to its many references to the media industry. The frosh in front of me- whose computer I could see very well and whose Facebook wall I enjoyed reading when the lecture was dry- wrote in her notes, in red mind you, "Watch 30 Rock." She acted like it was an assignment upon which her entire semester grade would be based; one in which failure was not an option. I just chuckled inside at the thought of her going home and watching 30 Rock with a pad of paper and pen on her lap.

And then there's the ability to worry about every thing the teacher ever hints at. If the teacher writes on the board: Clothes were invented in 4000 BC by Adam, the freshman will write it down and then ask if we need to know who Adam was, when he was born, what eye color he had, and whether or not we should use BC (Before Christ) or BCE (Before Common Era) when referencing the invention of clothes on the test. I just sit back and think to myself "Have you really never taken a test before in your entire life? Do you think we have Stalin for a teacher? Are you going to lose sleep over this minor detail?" Ahhh, it's just great. Long Live Freshman!
P.S. If you are a freshman/woman at BYU and are reading this post and if you have admission to the dining hall, please inform me immediately.


Megan said...

As you may remember, I was more of the "stay up until 4 am and then sleep through class" or "let's go to the baseball game instead of class" type of freshman, which is evident in my slightly less than perfect grades from that year. I have no regrets though! So this is your last semester in Provo? I think I remember you telling me that. Congrats and live it up!

Cat said...

Aw, this almost makes me like freshman! Strictly as a source of comic relief.

But I wouldn't say no to a frosh with a meal plan. No sir.

Rachelle said...

Love it! Dave, your posts always entertain me...unlike Carson who just gets "confused" ;)

Bethany said...

Oh freshman year.. sigh. I love your p.s. by the way. My siblings in Provo always used me for my dining plan. And comms 101?? Who's your teacher? Comms teachers are the best.