16 September 2010


This semester I walked past the tennis courts one fine Tuesday morning and noticed what fun the tennis class looked like, so I signed up for it. (My cousins joke that there was a beautiful girl in the class and that's why I signed up.) Anyway, it's the second best class of my semester (the first being Coaching Baseball and Softball) and I look forward to it twice a week. So what do I love about my tennis class?
Well, for one, there's the tennis courts. They are a beautiful blue color, the lines are all straight like the letter 'S' if it were straightened out, and the nets only sag in the middle. The extreme ends of the nets are very taut.
And then there's the tennis lights. I haven't had to use them yet since my class is in the day, but just knowing that I still have the option to play even if there is a solar eclipse is a very comforting thought indeed.
The class is not treated with high gratis which I also appreciate. The teacher/coach/woman-who-has-the-biggest-racquet/woman-who-knows-the-combination-to-the-tennis-ball-basket-and-therefore-has-court-domination follows a very democratic approach and asks us what we want to do at the beginning of every lesson. Our general answer is "Work on our grunts." We may be a beginners class but we aren't stupid. We have collectively figured out that grunting to tennis is like butt-slapping to volleyball (I submitted that analogy to the SAT board for the 2012 test. We'll see if it makes it onto the exam). It's the key to the game. Without it, there would be no game. So now we spend the first hour of our class grunting. To avoid distractions we all close our eyes and just give the most guttural grunting noise we can. We are getting pretty good at it and everyone has seen their tennis skills go up in a correlated manner. Yea, tennis class is pretty sweet alright.


Megan said...

I have always been athletic enough that I could do fairly well in different sports in PE...except for tennis. Definitely my #1 worst sport. Perhaps I should have worked on my grunts.

Jenny said...

Please choose the BEST answer.


a. DUIs : football
b. sweaty, smelly men : hockey
c. Boston Red Sox : baseball
d. butt-slapping : volleyball