24 November 2010

An Attitude of Gratitude

This is the season of being grateful and I think I should contribute. However, the typical listing of things one is thankful for is just too linear for me. I hope you can appreciate my alternate format:
Radiators are great because they don't hate;
I am grateful for the fact that I got out of Salt Lake City last night. After being de-iced the workers fitted our plane with Nordic skis and handed the pilots ski poles. I believe they used them to poke far-away instruments and buttons in the cockpit- sort of as a remote. As we skied onto the runway in our jet there was (no joke here) at least two inches of snow on the tarmac. Never have I ever taken off in such adverse conditions as were extant in Snowvember 2010. Not to mention that I was literally on one of the last planes out of Salt Lake City before the rest were canceled indefinitely. And by indefinitely I mean the entire Delta fleet blew away shortly after I took off. So not only am I thankful that I made it out before the storm but also that we didn't get blown away by the snow machines they brought in to bring about the effect of a winter storm;
Almost because charity demands extra fanfare, Gratitude heavily I justify; kin, lovely mithridates, noodles or pasta, quietude, rustic scenes too (ultimately visible xanadus- your zeniths). Do you recognize the significance of that sentence?
Thanks be in order for banks, hanks, and trancs(ulizer) guns that take down large, mean animals like obsessive e. coli bacterium or over-sized salmon. 
I'm grateful for Thai babies in funny straw hats that used to look at me while I slept in my child's size trundle bed with fire trucks on the mattress (see photo above).
Yep, this is certainly a fantastic season and a great holiday. I have much to be thankful for in deed and in thought.


brook said...

hahaha probably my favorite thanksgiving post ever
i am also thankful for photosynthesis
for always out-typing people with my speedy fingers (98 WPM, thank you very much)
and for dance parties with a sir dave bennett
also, my verification word is beatloaf--new variety of meat patty??

Megan said...

You are so lucky your flight didn't get canceled! I did not envy anybody traveling for Thanksgiving. I hope you are planning on posting a picture of Baby Ruby!