17 November 2010

Three Terrific, Tardily Tangential Thoughts

I think maybe AirBud is the only one who has tried harder than me to get an intramural champion shirt from BYU.

It's been said that the three most sought after and prized blessings to leave BYU with are:
  1. A spouse
  2. A degree
  3. An intramural champion shirt
At this point I'm thinking the spouse thing is not going to happen so to make up for it I'm getting two degrees (straight Mathematics and Mathematics Education). To me the number three is more important than the things the three represents. But as for the intramural shirt, well, I'm still in contention here in my final semester in Provo. I have been on more than several teams in my nine semester career here, including inner tube water polo, volleyball, coed basketball, men's basketball, tennis, and tennis doubles. This semester alone I have done men's doubles tennis, coed basketball and coed volleyball. My tennis season came to an end after a 1-2 record but my other teams are still alive. I think my partner and I would have done better if he hadn't eaten three donuts before our match, leading to a rather phlegmatic effort. My basketball team lost the last four games of the regular season (there's only five games in a season) but then came out strong and dominated the first tournament game. It helps a lot when you poke their star player in the eye and then go on a 28-0 run. Our basketball team is now 2-5. A single loss will end the season for good, but it's not going to happen. And then there's volleyball. Our team has a surprising 3-2 record ending the regular season with our first tournament game later this week.
There was one night this semester when I had a basketball game and volleyball game at the same time, and, seeing no other options, I played in both. I would substitute out of one game, run down the hall to the other gymnasium, switch my jersey, and substitute into the second game. I did this several times until my basketball team was down by over twenty points and then I just stuck with volleyball. Everything worked out except when I called a volleyball player out for a double-dribble and the tried to spike the basketball into the hoop on a 'serve.' I'm pulling really hard to get that meritorious shirt. I'm thinking if we developed some sort of idioglossia on my basketball team we would be more successful, but when I suggested it to my captain he thought I called him a 'glassy idiot' and benched me during the timeout.
P.S. I looked up some synonyms for the word 'throes' on www.thesaurus.com and they suggested I search for the phrase: "What are the Germans experiencing while in the throes of Shadenfreude?" Do yo have an answer to that puzzling question?


brook said...

it's true: i have my intramural t-shirt framed
and i finally got it during my LAST semester....for a sport i wasn't even really good at
sure did play in many championship games, though, and cried in many haha

Jenny said...

FIVE DAYS!!!! We can practice some volleyball moves in Boston!

Megan said...

I didn't know that you were double majoring. Good for you! And I can't wait to hear about one of your teams being the champions. And having a spouse is overrated. Ha! Just kidding! I hope Sean doesn't read that.