20 February 2011

Rosslyn Haircuts and Dilating Shapes

This week was eventful insofar as haircuts go. I was in need of a little trim so I looked up some nearby barbershops on Yelp and found one highly recommended and very close to my house. When I walked in you'd have thought I was in a nail parlor or a dry cleaning establishment- all Asians! I have had my hair cut by a Latino, an Arab, an American, and an Antarctican penguin but never an Asian. But, as I could see because it was prominently displayed on the mirror, this salonist was certified to cut hair... at least until December 2009. Yes, his cosmotology license had expired over a year ago and still he was showcasing it as if he had graduated tomorrow. And then he turned my chair around so that I was not facing his mirror. I think he called it 'a surprise cut.' Either he wanted me to be surprised or he wanted to get a better view of the television.
The best part of the haircut was the end when he gave me a warm water straight edge shave of my neck and sideburns. It felt like I was in the Wild Wild West. They were very eager to give beard trims at this establishment. The Asian woman cutting next to me asked her client no less than 11 times if she could shave his scruff for him.
"I cut your beard, Sir?"
"No, no thank. I'll shave when I get home."
"I will do a really great job! I shave, yes?"
"Umm, no, thank you. I like the rough look." [Now repeat 5.5 more times.]
All in all I was very pleased with my haircut and it was very reasonably priced. If you need a place to get a trim in Rosslyn, give me a call.
A funny occurrence happened at school while I was teaching about shape dilations.
 I asked:
"Okay, where have you heard of dilations in real life?"
"When you're pregnant they always talk about dilating."
"When you go to do the doctor they shine a light in your eye to see if it dilates."
"When you smoke crack you get all messed up in your eyes and they dilate."
"Okay... I can't confirm that but I believe you that it's correct."

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Jen R. said...

I have had to shave someone's beard for them when I was in school and it is so awkward.