26 May 2011

Infant Lap Time

This picture is about 6 months old, which is significant when the child is only 7 months old, but there you have it.
My stay-at-home sister Emily recently moved to DC, in fact to within 2 miles of my house! It is so great having her and her husband and their adorable baby so close all the time. Seeing as I am currently a stay-at-home dog walker/tennis instructor/full-time uncle, I often attend baby Ruby's (Rubies?) infant lap time at the DC public library. These play times are very precious. Once a week (sometimes twice) I gather with about 40 other women and the children they have been entrusted to watch over (while their mothers are busy being lawyers and welders; that's not entirely true, about 1/4 of the women are non-nannies) to sing and move in a coordinated fashion. We sing difficult songs, read lengthy books, and overall do all we can to inspire these 6-12 month old prodigies. Today's song was very hard for me to remember so I wrote the lyrics down. They are as follows: "We tap the floor. We tap the floor. We tap the floor with our hands." I can always remember the first two verses but that third one is very forgettable. Then we read a book about babies. It had all sorts of terminology I didn't understand (onesie? layette?) but most of the pictures were of babies so I assumed that's what the book was about. The infant lap time lasts about 20 minutes but then most of the mothers, and one uncle, hang out to let their babies stare at each other awkwardly while the mothers/nannies/uncle discuss stroller speeds, Amazon mom (not at all what I thought it was), infant modesty, and diaper strength. I am certainly getting quite the education with my move to DC and my new little niece Ruby!


Emily said...

Dave, Jeff and I are dying laughing. I'm so glad you can join me for infant lap time.

Bethany said...

Dave! I have been wondering what you were up to. Thanks for satisfying my curiosity here. :)