12 July 2011

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a wonderful thing for statisticians, bloggers, and analyzers- or as I like to refer to them as- blogstatizers (Blog- STAH-tie-zers). I love checking up on the facts of Holla Atchya and seeing where my viewers are from and how they arrived at Holla Atchya. In particular, I am able to see what key words have been Googled that led to my website. The fifth most commonly Googled phrase that terminates at Holla Atchya is- and this is not for children- 'beach volley sex & drugs online.' Would you take a guess what post that brings up? My Duck Beach account! Haha! I cannot confirm that because I have no desire to Google that phrase, but I'm pretty sure that's it. For the record, Mom, there was no sex or drugs at Duck Beach in my house. There was beach volleyball and online activity, though.
My visitors have come from Rancagua, Chile (an average of 0:00 minutes on my blog), Songkhla, Thailand (an average of 0:00 minutes on my blog), and Istanbul, Turkey (an average of 0:00 minutes on my blog). Clearly my fan base is quite large and even more international.
To the credit of Holla Atchya, however, the average visitor hits 2.38 Holla Atchya webpages before moving on. I can't even get a girl to give me a double take, never mind a 2.38 take... Great work Holla Atchya!
Due to it's success, I have launched a Twitter account: @HollaAtchya. Feel free to follow.

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