02 December 2011

No Shave Movembeard

No Shave Movembeard: A compilation of all things manly, or in other words, a clash between No Shave November, Movember (Mustache November) and NobemBeard. November is a month to remember those who have suffered through cancers more prone to men, such as prostate cancer and testicular cancer. As such, I decided to join the party this year- not by getting cancer- but by growing out my beard. I went the whole month without shaving and was quite pleased with the outcome. It's been a lot of fun, and I think the shaving off will be just as artistic. I have many ideas for how to shape my face next. ;0 (Did I really just produce an emoticon on my blog?)
One of the great blessings of having a beard is that I am now a doppleganger to hordes more people. Last week some skaters stopped my on the street in Princeton, NJ (no joke here) to take their picture with me because they thought I was the professional skater Chris Cole.------------->
 I have also been compared to 'the guy on the Dairy Queen commercials' and the guy from 'Covert Affairs.' My most common doppleganger by far, however, is Ashton Kutcher. My students refer to me as "Mr. Kutcher" and ask me how I'm dealing with my divorce from Demi. Speaking of my students, I had one child tell me he wanted to do some research into what kind of beard I had. He came back the next day and said "Mr. Bennett, what's a dirty Sanchez?' I ended the conversation right there.
There are many more reasons I love a beard, such as the following:
  • I get to rub shampoo into my face and feel clean about it.
  • I get to look down and see hair. Sometimes it even creeps onto my lip.
  • At school an adult told me I looked 'professorial' with my facial hair.
  • I can stroke my beard when I want to look intelligent, and put a skull cap on when I want <-------- to look like a thug.
  • I feel wintery and mammalian because I have fur on my face.
Yes, there are many reasons I am grateful for facial hair on men. I would just encourage the women to think of a better way to support men's cancers then by abstaining from shaving for a month.


Brian Rigby said...

Does that mean no Decembeard for you? If you gave it some time, you might be able to achieve greatness like
this guy.

Emily said...

Chris Cole, can I get your autograph later? You crack me up.

Megan said...

I am not seeing Ashton Kutcher at all. That's a good thing. How long are you keeping the beard?