25 March 2012

The Year of the Cabin

2012 is quickly becoming the year of the cabin. First, there was my winter retreat to the great Rockies of Salt Lake City, UT. I spent three days at a cabin up Big Cottonwood canyon skiing. The cabin was everything one could ask for in a winter getaway- a nice fireplace, snow completely covering the windows, no television, phone, or internet, and layers and layers of leopard skin blankets to keep you warm on a wooden bed. I skied hard for three days, then came home and promptly went to bed at 9:00pm each night, exhausted beyond belief. With nothing around, and nothing to do but read each night, I got plenty of sleep. It was a fantastic week of solitude (though I was sharing this solitude happily with my family). The skiing was fabulous too. Fabulous by East Coast standards, anyway. The snow was, shall we say, scrappy and stilted, but the mountains were still priggish to the ancient Appalachians of America. With my fancy phone I set up a GPS to track my speed and was quite pleased to find that on one particular run (Challenger at Solitude) I clocked in at 60.3 mph. I just really like to go fast. It's a really amazing feeling to be sliding on snow at 60 mph, flying over sedentary bumps and praying that no one is just over the ledge waiting to be destroyed by your flying self. On that particular run I was going so fast my goggles started to flap on my face and almost flew off. I wouldn't have stopped to pick them up.
The second cabin I will be a brief resident of is a Summer cabin in West Virginia. This one is 2.5 hours outside of DC and will be my spring break retreat. I will most likely be driving a motorcycle along the windy roads to the cabin, then giving free rides all weekend long along the 'lost river.' This cabin does have a television, but its most attractive trait is its hot tub and 360 degree views. I am thoroughly looking forward to relaxing out on the deck with the carmine sun in my face and natural woods to my rearward. Indeed, it appears hedonism has taken over the year of 2012.
Want to be a part of it?


Megan said...

That sounds amazing! I sure do miss mountains and forests here in the Midwest.

Emily J said...

I'm there!