03 June 2012

Hanging Out With the Boys

You'll never believe what I did this weekend: I hung out with some guys.
As many of you know, I much prefer female companionship and my good friends always seem to be girls. Even consider this blog- with the exception of some loyal, lifelong guy friends, 90% of my 10 readers are female (most of them married, in fact).
 If you want to catch me speechless ask me who my best guy friend is. The last time that happened I thought about it for 2 minutes and then responded 'My home teaching companion.' At least I hang out with him once a month. That's 1 more time than any other guy I know. I have been on many man-dates before, it's true, but those were mostly with my best friend Kent, who lives in Utah. He's my best man friend (beside my brother and brother-in-laws) but we don't exactly hang out often on Friday nights, given that he lives in Utah and that he's 25 years my senior. But anyway, back to this weekend. Saturday in DC was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L so I went for a run along the river (that's code for 'I'm a loser and had no other invitations on Saturday so I went for a lovely run by myself, which it was'). When I got back a guy acquaintance texted me to see what I was up to. Hm. Not quite sure what to do there. I immediately texted a girl to see if she wanted to hang out with me and this other guy. Heaven forbid we guys hang out together- just the two of us. What would we talk about? Sports? Money? Girls? Cars? I have no idea, this had never happened to me before. My female friend was in Jew Nersey so that rescue was ruled out. After much deliberation I decided to just face my fears and hang out with this man friend. You'll never grow unless you face your fears, like two men hanging out or watching a scary movie such as Air Bud Goes to a Haunted Mansion. I did, however, call up a third guy from my ward that I've never hung out with but that I think is really cool (see that manly terminology- 'really cool'). He agreed so everything was just peachy until I realized I had no idea what we were going to do. We couldn't do my usual DC go-to Summer night activities: motorcycle rides, movies, walks along the river, or picnicing at Gravelly Point (for the record I have never done the latter two). Luckily I've seen a few movies where guys were interacting with other guys off the sports field, and since I take most of my social cues from realistic movies like 'Serendipity' where John Cusack talks to a male waiter, I knew the thing for us men to do was watch a sports game. At a bar. So off we three went to the Arlington Rooftop Bar and Grille. It was pretty crowded, but we found a table and began eating greasy food like steak, french fries, and buffalo wings. We drank manly Mormon drinks like diet Coke and diet Coke with grenadine. We talked manly things like chain saws, clubbing, bottled water, and grassy turf. We saw manly women, and more attractive women. We talked about them. We watched a basketball game. We watched a hockey game. We discussed money. We discussed some things that I cannot repeat given my aforementioned audience (but which were appropriate, mind you).
When the night came to a close I was surprised at how well everything turned out, except for the terrible live band that sounded like a pod of dolphins being attacked by a swarm of wasps. Seriously they were terrible. I think I might have to try out another man's night out again...

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Emily J said...

One of my favorite entries:). Let's hang out soon.