12 May 2008

A Travelogue Blog Without a Dog, a Hog or Smog

Let's see, what's on my mind that would be worthwhile enough to include on a web log? There's my beard, my job, my travels, the recent and upcoming nuptials of some of my best friends and the Red Sox and Celtics. How about we discuss my travels today? Not literally where I travelled today, but rather on this day I will write about where I have been and where I am going. Two weekends ago I went to the thriving metropolis of Durham, NH to visit my good friend who is a student of the fine University of New Hampshire. I was only there one night but we filled our time with a band concert, an all-you-can-eat dining hall, a leisurely breakfast and a tour of the campus. I had a great time and fell in love with New Hampshire again. Then this past weekend I was back up North to watch my father complete a half-marathon around Lake Winnepasauke (of "What About Bob?" fame). My mother, brother and I went to "The Olde Alton Bay Diner" for breakfast whilst the athletes ran their little hearts out. It was a quick and early trip to New Hampshire but enjoyable nonetheless. This weekend I will be in town, but the following Sunday and Saturday I am going to Acadia, Maine. Maine is the vacation land and truly I will be vacationing there. Even before you go to the inland, Maine has a gorgeous coast. Two weeks after that I will be in New York. All of these mini-trips are destined to be good destinations and quite congenial.
P.S. Kids say the darndest things: During 'quick-share' at school one seven-year-old shared, "I think my grandpa is an alien because he puts ketchup on everything... except hot dogs!" The next child shared the following, "Well, I put ketchup on everything but I'm not an alien!" What do we learn from this story? That using ketchup is not grounds for ET classification, contrary to popular belief.

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