07 May 2008

Comfy, Cozy Day and My Comfy, Cozy Job

Today was comfy, cozy day at work and indeed it was comfy and quite cozy. While I didn't wear my jammies, I did wear jeans and a Red Sox shirt. I just didn't think it would be appropriate to come to work on my sixth day wearing my birthday suit. No, I'm just kidding, I have very respectable pajamas. On comfy, cozy day the students are allowed to wear their PJs all day, bring in stuffed animals, and we only do a limited amount of work. Instead of science, for example, we did crafts and had some free time. Some of the kids made stethoscopes to treat their patients with broken legs... I love my job. I don't think the kids are used to having an adult male in the class and some things about me just baffle them, soliciting some curious questions (but wait, aren't all questions curious, you might ask?), such as "Mr. Bennett, how tall are you?" and "Mr. Bennett, are you growing a beard?" I have oodles of fun with them.


justpulse said...

Awww!! Mr. Bennett! I love it!

Jen Romney said...

Hey Mr. Bennett...this is Jennifer, from freshman year in the dorms, welcome to the blogging world! Your job sounds fun!

Jen Romney said...

I saw Carson's from his facebook page and his has a link to yours!