02 May 2008

David Has a Job (Nope, Not as a Professional Blogger... Yet)!

Yes family and friends, save that breath; I know what you want to ask and I have the answer: I have a full time job! I applied to be a substitute teacher in the Belmont School District and what I got was a full time position for the rest of the year as an aide in a second grade classroom. They were looking for a replacement, I was looking for a job, karma stepped in (Mom showed her the way) and the next thing I knew I was meeting with the principal to be offered the job! I am pretty stoked about it. The hours are good, the pay is good, the kids are lovable and the timing was supreme. I get done by 2:35 each day so I still have time to take a nap, do yardwork, eat ice cream, work out or all of the above, all before supper (I'm in Boston now, so dinner become supp-ah). I will be at my job for the rest of the school year, at least until I leave for Costa Rica. Let me just say that second grade is more fun than a barrel of monkeys! We are learning about worms (Some worms can grow up to the length of a car! Wow!) in science, fractions in math, and short vowels in English. Do you know what a short vowel is? Plus there's recess, lunch, gym, music and a comfy, cozy day next Wednesday! And I haven't even been to school on a Monday or Tuesday yet! We've had a cat and a turtle during News Time, but no gimcracks. This summer is really shaping up nicely. Stay tuned to learn more about my duties.

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justpulse said...

I love picturing you in that classroom. Mr. Bennett, hah.