01 May 2008

May Day! May Day! Fenway Disportment!

On Wednesday April 30th 2008 I went to see the Red Sox vs. Blue Jays at Fenway Park. The entire experience was bliss. I went with Thomas which is always a party, and we took the bus to Comm. Ave. which made for a little adventure (keep in mind I am easily entertained). Just being down on Yawkey Way around game time is inflaming; the street vendors, the fans, the paraphernalia, the crowds and the excitement all add to an aura not to be found anywhere else around Boston. Thomas and I had good seats too, in the grandstand. We had a great view of Manny, and the whole infield. We danced to all the songs and joked about the people who danced... when there was no music playing. We cheered, we 'waved,' we yelled, we cavorted and revelled in our merry company. It was an evening match and the Fenway lights shone like the midday sunshine on a warm beach. I'm not so sure that's really a good analogy, come to think of it. The Sox won of course, in a dramatic 9th inning fashion that only the Beantown's Best can do. Dice-K and McGowan had quite the pitchers joust through the seventh inning, holding their opponents to one hit each. But then in the bottom of the 9th, Ortiz got to second (Lowrie was the Pinch Runner) with Manny on first. Brandon Moss hit a good solid hit up the middle to Vernon Wells in center with one out, but Lowrie got mowed down on his way from second to home by Wells' mechanic arm. That put Manny on second and Cpt. Varitek at the plate. Well, leave it up to Varitek and you shouldn't be disappointed. He cranked one up the center (mimicking the previous hit) and Manny bolted home. The throw to the plate wasn't perfect this time and Manny hustled his way in. The crowd went wild and the dugout came out to congratulate Manny and Varitek, appropriately. We got everything at the game: an Ortiz home run, a Pedroia Destroya play, drama in the ninth, a win, "Sweet Caroline" in the 8th and a whole lot more in between... I love the Sox! Rating: A+

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