03 January 2009

My Christmas Break

Well, my two week Christmas break was wonderful. I had time to post on my blog, have quality family time, sleep (I averaged nine hours a night), shop, celebrate some fantastic holidays, eat, read, and catch up on some Boston sports. I also watched a boat-load of movies. Below I have listed the movies I remember watching, one sentence about them, and a rating out of five Stars.

  • Into the Blue "Great underwater camera shots and a twisting plot make the movie quite
    enjoyable- and it has Jessica Alba" Star Star Star Star
  • License to Wed "It had its moments, but generally was a cake short of a complete wedding" Star Star
  • Pirates of the Caribbean II: Dead Man's Chest "It's called Dean Man's Chest because you wish you were a dead man in a chest when you watch it; Master and Commander meets Star Strek" St
  • The Good Year "A fantastic movie with gorgeous scenery, although I didn't understand half of what was said regarding the sommeliers" Star Star Star Star
  • The Rookie "A movie as dry as the Texas barrenland, saved by an oasis of baseball scenes and an affecionate ending sure to bring tears to anyone." Star Star St
  • Mammia Mia! "The Grecian Setting and Abba music saved this movie from a collapse." Star Star
  • Eagle-Eye "Do not watch this movie if you have a weak heart or respond poorly to stimuli; once it gets going, it doesn't stop." Star Star Star
  • Ghost Town "Very British humour, and Tea Leoni was a gem; I laughed continuously." Star Star Star St
  • Traitor "A dissapointment of a flick due to its excessive violence; it was pretty much a 'How to be a Terrorist' instructional movie." Star
  • The Interpreter "Astonishingly good movie with smashing acting, an appropriate score, and an intricate, current events plot that was ablaze with action and excitment." Star Star Star Star Star
  • Red-Eye "A fairly typical thriller, although there was some good action; it was an all around entertaining experience-and it has Rachel McAdams" Star Star Star
  • Batman II: The Dark Knight "Of course it's good, even the third time around." Star Star Star Star
  • The Big Bounce "You'd think a movie set in Hawaii, with Morgan Freeman, Owen Wilson, and Charlie Sheen would be breathtaking, but, although it was good, there was room for improvement" Star Star
  • Win a Date With Tad Hamilton "Um, yea, a total chick flick to the utmost degree, but I still found it to be very funny, and (I didn't cry, I swear) very sweet." Star Star Star St
  • The Holiday "Another chick-flick, but one with Jack Black and one with a unique plot that made it worthwhile." Star Star Star

I did do many productive things this break, such as read F. Scott Fitzgerald, attend a Harvard women's hockey game, play my trumpet, get well rested, spend family time, and write emails. Vacations, in my book, are Star Star Star Star Star!


C.Jay said...

If all else fails, I think you definitely have a future as a film critic:)

brook said...

by women's hockey do you mean FIELD hockey?? ohhhh i miss playing that.
also, you reminded me that i need to see eagle eye.
also #2, i thought dead man's chest deserved an "ar" not a "st" ohhh i crack myself up

justpulse said...

this is awesome. you are an example to all of us of how free time should be spent. :)

Lyndsi Shae* said...

Great Gatsby??