11 January 2009

Reuben, the Alpine Wonder

For those of you who haven't met Reuben (occasionally known as Sven, in come circles), Reuben is the cousin of Little Red. Reuben is a 1995 Saab 900s, painted ruby red, and he has been with our family for quite some time now. I first met Reuben in 2000, and I had the privilege of driving him across the country a few years later, in 2004, with my sisters. He then loved the West so much he decided to make Utah his permanent residence, although he insisted on keeping his Massachusetts plates until 2007, when the title was changed and the (shudder) DMV forced a plate lift. I have had the opportunity of getting to know Reuben much more closely over the past two years, as the sole driver. All this reminiscing is surfacing because Reuben has been very sick recently. It all started two weeks before Christmas when his back window fell out of its groove and wouldn't go back up. Luckily, with a little help and guidance, we suction cupped the window up. We left Reuben by himself over the break and, unfortunatley, he had some bad internal gastrointenstinal and optical problems when we got back. There was an ice rink on the dashboard and he refused to get out of bed (wouldn't start). On Friday my brother and I took him into the clinic (he is now best friends with Boyd's in Sandy) and made a list of all things that went wrong. It went something like this:

Dear Boyd's-

Here is what's wrong with our poor Reuben (they are on a first name basis):
  1. Dome lights won't turn off. (We have been putting the switch in a neutral position, half way towards on and halfway towards off).
  2. Blinkers won't turn on, and consequently neither will the Flashers.
  3. Rear light failure.
  4. Rear window failure.
  5. Emergency brake failure.
  6. Driver's-side-door-seal failure.

Any assistance you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your constant care and consideration, we love you. Seriously, we do. Love, the Bennett Family

So yeah, please remember to keep him in your prayers this week! I have a feeling that at 193,625 miles, Reuben has a few more to go before we need to pull the plug forever.


Jen R. said...

I secretly wish my Bessie would retire one of these days. Every time I take her to the doctor she get's sick a few months later. She coughs sometimes too. And I just want an excuse to upgrade. But in reality I can't afford a new car, so we tell her we love her every day.

siovhan said...

not ruben! ...or sven as sometimes he was renamed... i do sympathize with car issues. they're horrible. few other "grown up" problems leave you stranded and stationary, as well as emotionally harrowed. i bet good ole ruben will be fine. =]

P.S. Yes, Howard Bolton Family is my actually family...more particularly, my momma.

Carson said...

Dave I'm sorry to hear about Reuben. That is quite sad.

Lyndsi Shae* said...

My car's name is Roger, Roger Clarence. He gets tired too. He also clicks incessantly and refuses to signal which was he is turnin. (I do believe he prefers to appear spontaneous.) Roger and Reuben probably need each other's support these days. Yep, I think so.

justpulse said...

Oh dear, poor Reuben. What a sad tale! I didn't realize things were so serious! But just under 200,000 miles is a pretty nice accomplishment, I think. :)