29 March 2009

WEAKend? No, it was a STRONGend! Booyah!

Saturday was a day to remember. It began early, at 7:40am, when I woke up sans alarmclock. If you're not a sleep or Latin expert, that means I got enough sleep. I had a great breakfast, and then was very productive, finishing most of my work in one class for the rest of the semester. I attended a free BBQ at noon, and then headed to campus for our basketball tournament game. Remember my post long ago, about how we hadn't won a game yet? Well, our streak continued throughout the season! My waterpolo team ended the season 0-6, losing one game 46-4 (that's counting by ones, although girls' goals count as two)! My basketball team ended the regular season 0-4-1, although technically a tie counts as a win for both teams. We didn't feel like it was a solid win, however. Luckily every team makes the tournament, which consequently is single elimination. In our first game, we practiced the tried through and through practice of just showing up. It was enough to get a win, becuase no one from the other side showed up. That' a good life lesson kids. Our second game was on Saturday, and this time it was almost us that had to forfeit. With five minutes to game time we had only four players and no score keeper, both essential for a game. Our fourth player showed up with about three minutes to go, and we asked a random guy to be our essential scorekeeper. It was amazing he consented. The other team had seven players and a handful of fans. As the game went on we were getting more and more tired and they were just subbing people in. We started the game losing (they gave the other team 6 free points for winning the jump ball! Just kidding) and were losing at the half. In fact, we were never even tied, but we stuck right with them and kept the game close. We were haivng a nice time and keeping it real. Then a miracle happened, akin to the 1980 USA Men's Olympic Hockey Team. All of a sudden, with under 1:30 to go in the game, we pulled ahead! I think it was our first lead... the entire season. They tied it back up, and we fought back and forth vigorously. Some of their players were getting very angry, and it showed. Have you ever seen tomatoes come out of a man's ears? Neither have I, but they were still mad. Then an un-miracle happened, akin to the 2009 USA Men's World Baseball Classic Team. One of our players fouled out of the game. We were down to only four batallions, against their healthy seven. But we didn't give up, oh Heck No. It just made us work harder! We were leading by 3 points with under 30 seconds to go, with posession and no shotclock. They fouled us, of course, and we scored. We won the game 54 to 50. I had a season high 4 points (I actually haven't been keeping track. It may have been a season low?), half a dozen assists, roughly 4 rebounds, 2 travel calls against me, and 3 steals. I was pleased with my effort, and it felt so good to get a solid, hard earned win. They outnumbered us, but they didn't have the same attitude as us, and that was our secret. It was the most fun I have had playing basketball in a long time, and winning my first game in two sports all season was gratifying. Bring on round three Babay! It was a hard fought, grind it out and play it out win.

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