27 September 2009

The Sabbath

Time does not allow for a full discourse on the nature of The Days of Rest known to the Western World as "Sundays," but perhaps a discussion of Sundaes will suffice? Or perhaps not wrote the skeptic; A testimonial of these sacred days will be enough.
I love Sundays because they are relaxing. I do homework, physical work, and other tasks every other day, but Sundays I rest. I do not worry about going to the gym; I do not worry about going to the Math Lab. As Mark states, "The Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath" (Mark 2:27). The Sabbath was designed with us in mind, intending to bring us closer to God and to be a day of rest. It is extremely gratifying to spend 14% of my life on Sundays when I can rest and worship the Lord. Granted I sleep and worship on other days, but an entire day dedicated to the Lord is a prediliction I'd like to keep. Approximately 1,233 days of my life have happened on Sundays, equaling 3.46 years.
I love Sundays because of the music. My musical tastes, though grandiose, occassionally make my ears hurt. Why then, do I listen to such music? I figure it's similar to acupuncture or nose rings- meaning there really is no reason. But on Sundays I listen to soothing, calm music that does not hurt my ears (unless I listen while crunching me ear in my hand, which I am prone to do in my sleep).
I love Sundays for the family. I always call home and often other friends and relatives as well. (Sometimes I even call my pet turtle. He never has much to say but then again would you have much to say if you lived in a shell?) I have family gatherings, family get-togethers, and family meals.
In short, I believe Sundays are days set apart to be richly rewarding and beneficial for us. They bring us closer to Heavenly Father and should always be respected. I love Commandment IV to Keep the Sabbath Day Holy.


brook said...

i don't live in a shell, but used to live in a bubble...and believe me when i tell you i had a LOT to say about that ;)

i completely concur about all of the above statements though. i heart sundays (esp fast sundays).

Becky said...

Thanks for a lovely reverent post!