12 November 2009

Candy is Fun

Yep, they really are fun. It says so right there on the fun little package. In fact, I asseverate they provided the most enjoyment of my entire day! When you lick one of those palatable treats and think the chocolate is sufficient, you are blown-away in a spectacular manner by the deliciousness of the peanut inside. (Even if you are allergic to nuts you are entirely overcome!) Such an astounding treat, and only the size of a Bonsai tree seed! Regardless of the amount of skulduggery you may witness at the vending machine when purchasing a little package, be rest assured that if you select a Peanut M&M's Funsize pack you are guaranteed to be lifted up- like Josh Groban. I cannot stand by that promise if it is not a Peanut Funsize pack.
Each candy treat has a little message printed on it. So far all I have gotten are "M's" so I'm thinking the cryptographic message might be "Mmmmmmm." A great way to describe how I feel when I open up a Peanut M&M Funsize pack!


Megan said...

I ate a Peanut M&M Funsize pack this morning, and it was delicious.

Becky said...

You are a true descendant of the great Bapak for this is his favorite candy.
Today Tommy pulled the truck you gave him for his birthday out of his toy bin and said, "My David-Thomas truck! We haven't seen him in a long time!"

Danielle Mendel said...

You have obviously never tried mint M & M's. They are by far the cream of the crop, top of the top when it comes to the hierarchy of candy.

p.s. I can see you right now.

p.p.s. That was kind of creepy... my bad.