30 November 2009

How to do Las Vegas

How to do Las Vegas, according to David's Holla Atchya! Blog:
Go with a high roller. Do whatever you can to find one, then stick to him as if he was your last chance for a leg transplant. If he is Japanese, all the better. If you replace the preceeding "He" with "She," you are really doing Las Vegas right. If she's into couture you can just skip all the rest of my suggestions.

Stay at the Penthouse on the thirtieth floor of the Mirage. That's really the only way to stay. While there, put on the Mirage robe for no reason, make the TV come out of the chiffonier repeatedly, and get an aerial view of the Mirage Volcano.

Just say 'NO' to the Lady of the Night who asks you for your name. She approached me with, "Sweet! You have a BYU shirt on. I go there to! What's your name?" I just told her "NO!" and ran off to the safety of my penthouse.

Only stay one night at the Penthouse. Any more and you will watch your morals go down the drain like acid on a piece of soggy, white bread. It'll eat right through you.


Cat said...

Dang boy, someone did Vegas RIGHT. I definitely approve! And way to keep your morals high... BYU is how they hook you.

Jenny said...

Is it just me or is your chest really, really hairy in picture #3? Something is not right, 'cause the last time I saw you in a bathing suit, you were as hairless as a (insert something here, simile king). Perhaps that's a side effect of tearing one's AC?

Megan said...

The only time I have stayed in Las Vegas for more than one night was when I met my dad there freshman year. Luckily, the only reason we were there was to watch some baseball, so we survived it all right.
P.S. I was shocked to see that you had posted pictures.
P.P.S. Did you see Love? The Cirque du Soleil show, not the profound feeling of affection. If you did, I am extremely jealous.