25 December 2010

Insta National Fan (But Still a Red Sox Fan)

Today for Christmas I became a Nationals fan. Actually I've been a fan ever since I went to a game last year, but today's presents sort of made me an insta-Nationals fan. My eleemosynary family helped me out a lot, what with providing me with a new Nationals hat, a new Nationals shirt, and a Nationals gift card worth a lot of Nationals tickets. 'Just add a shirt, hat, and tickets to David. Makes one Nationals fan. Add more or less paraphernalia depending on interest.'
I think I may be the biggest Nationals fan in Boston right now. (Would now be an appropriate time to mention that the Washington Nationals are the national league baseball team in Washington, DC?) As the side picture shows, I am still a Red Sox fan through and through. They have my heart. They have abused my heart. And even still, I find it to be perfectly within reason and non-adulterous to root for a national league team such as the one representing my city for (at least) the next four months.
What do I think of the Nationals? Well, I don't care much for the Cambodian nationals, or much for the nationals of China. But regardless of what you nationalize, I like that the nickname ('Nats') rhymes with hats, and I love baseball hats. That's also why I love the word impavid. Not because it rhymes with hats or Nats (it doesn't), but because it rhymes with saxicavid. I love the idea of rooting for an American National. Nationals are passionate about their country and so am I. The Nationals are a quiet, under-the-radar team. It could be argued that that's because they finished last place in the NL East (winning percentage in 2010- .426) but I think it's because they choose to be. Like math nerds, they are too cool for anyone to notice. Plus, they're better than the Washington Wizards (basketball) who have a winning percentage of .259 (thus far in 2010), and the Washington Redskins (football-winning percentage.357 thus far in 2010) and almost as good as the Ottawa Senators (hockey-.469) who aren't actually from DC but should be, given the name.
Perhaps Senators refers to something else (akin to Canada), like a type of maple syrup or something. Anyway, if you want to go to a Nats game with me this year, hit me up like it ain't no thang. 'Cause I'm their #1 fan. And I'm a Red Sox fan. 


Carson said...

I'm a Nats fan too. Maybe we can go to a game together sometime.

Emily said...

I love your blog, Dave. Christmas was really fun.

Brian R. said...

I have to admit, Dave, this was pretty painful to read. The polysyllabic lexicon practically cloaked your mutiny, but those of us with Yankees toilet paper, a car covered in reverse the curse bumper stickers, and a Wally the green monster tattoo on their lower back can see where this is going. If next year you get Yankees stuff for Christmas, we may have to rethink our 24 year friendship.