27 March 2011

Pi Day

American Historians have July 4th (Independence Day).
Somnambulists have January 3rd (Festival of Sleep Day).
Architects have September 3rd (Skyscraper Day).
Christians have December 25th (Christmas).
But what about math people? What do they have? Oh yea, that's right, we have PI DAY!
March 14th is Pi day, every year, celebrating the first three digits of the magnanimous Greek letter pi. This year for Pi day I went to school and taught about circles. But then I went to a pi party! All four of the people in the above picture are high school math teachers with a passion for pi (and pie, as you'd have it). At this party we shared our favorite math jokes (What did the 0 say to the 8? - I like your belt!) and talked about our favorite numbers. It was a major math fest that alienated all the non math nerds. Most people may want to look at this in disgust, but they would be ill advised to do so on March 14. That's our day. Word!
Pie was served at the party. I would say that it wasn't a very good place to pick up on chicks. Any girl I started a conversation with ended pretty quickly due to my math references...  Not even my favorite math pick up line worked- "Dang girl! Can I lay tangent to those curves?"
Note: My shirt was the first 3,045 digits of pi on it; the girl on the left has a shirt that has pi telling i to 'Get real!' and i responding with 'Be rational!'; the girl on the right's shirt says "QT pi"; and the girl on the far right is a Math Ninja, apparently.


Emily said...

Hilarious. I love it. Believe it or not, we were also invited to a Pi Party on Pi day.

Kayla said...

david, sometimes i forget that you have a blog. but on those rare occasions that i do remember and i catch up on your posts, i laugh a little and then cry, thinking how far away you are from me now, and how much i miss your wit and humor. i suppose i'll either a) have to come visit, or b) continue reading your blog to get in my david quota for the week (or whenever i get around to reading)

Jenny said...

Not going to lie . . . my heart hurt a bit when you referred to me as "the girl on the left." Is it because I cousin-monopolized you all evening? even after you warned me not to? or because I didn't smile for your picture? or because my shirt was WAY cooler than yours? Don't hate.

Kristin Bishop said...

I love Pie Day! This yar Mark and I made pie on a stick over a campfire... SOOO good!