03 January 2012

Rosslyn Haircut

Did you know I actually have a label called 'Haircut' for my blog entries? This is the seventh such sizzling post. Every time I go to be groomed I try to make it a memorable experience. Today fit the bill. I have my favorite Arlington Asian barbershop atop the Rosslyn metro that I would recommend to anyone. (I've mentioned it before.) Anyway, I was pleased to see that my hair dresser renewed his cosmonaut license (Cosmetology? Cryptography? What's a professional hair dresser called again?) so that it is now good through 11/12. He expects to be in space by the end of the month he told me in garbled Mandarin. Anyway, the last time I got a haircut from this guy it was one of those 'future cuts' where your haircut looks better and better as more time elapses. I put the down payment on the style upfront and then had to pay him in increments for weeks afterward since the haircut was a long term investment. I had the same guy again today so I was a little nervous about what pricing options he was going to present at the finale.
But the price tag was just an addendum to the very humorous sign I saw therein. It is probably not seen at any other Barbershop outside of Shanghai. Here's what the sign said:

Rosslyn Stylists
*Real Barber
Flat tops
Skin Fade

There was a phone number and a note saying they cut men and women's hair, but the important elements of the sign are rewritten above. I especially appreciated the asterisk letting all passersby know that they were in fact real barbers. Or, maybe it was a reference to the recent HGH scandal to hit American barbershops and barbershop quintets (a little outdated baseball humor for you there). Either way, it was a funny thing to add on a sign. And then we get to what was seen underneath. 'Flat tops?' Really? I know hi-tops are making a comeback, but has anyone sported a flat top since they were six in 1986? What's a skin fade? Is that what Michael Jackson had? Is that what Snooki currently has? How does a hair stylist give you a skin fade? And then there's military. I felt that needed some more explanation. Are the militant in their cutting ability? Do they specialize in military haircuts? Do they offer discounts for vets? Do they offer discounts for Veteran's too? So many avenues that sign could take us, and so little information provided.
This time I opted for the shorter term haircut, meaning it looks good now-today. A very pleasant experience all in all.
Sheesh, what with the spa post and now the haircut post you'd think this was a personal health blog for Asians or something...
One more musical note, can you imagine if Danny O'Donogue (the lead singer of The Script) and Adele started dating and then broke up? The musical aftermath of their demise would be more epic than the reuniting of Sacajawea and the Golden Dollar.


EJ said...

You are so funny, Dave. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Sir David, your health blog is not just for "Asians," but addresses interesting universal topics, which appeal to everyone. Such topics as haircut, health, travel, laundry, etc...--all human beings have faced these topics. With the topic of 'haircut' and hairstyle types-- there's an underlying discussion on race (a recent invention to categorize certain traits found amongst humans). (A Race Exhibit is at the Smithsonian, http://www.mnh.si.edu/exhibits/race/. Also check out http://www.jehsmith.com/ 1/2008/05/the-invention-o.html.) The Hi-Top fade were predominately popular with “Blacks,” however Vanilla Ice was able to pull it off.
Michael Jackson had a longer hairstyle (in contrast to a skin fade haircut)-- the pigmentation of his skin did fade, though. With his hair being long and his skin looking light, it appeared that he was trying to be Caucasian. Why? He mentioned in an interview that he wanted to please his fans. (Were his fans mostly “European” looking or Eurocentric?) Regardless of his physical changes, his fans would still buy his music because he was a great performer.
Adele is also a great performer, but she seems comfortable in her own skin. Regarding her weight, she said, "I make music for ears, not eyes." She's right because we use our ears to listen to music and not the eyes. (When I am driving in my SUV, I use my ears to listen and not my eye.) Her voice has richness and in depth meaning (reminds me of Bobby Darin) that she shouldn't need to go blond, super skinny, nude, or arrogant with the onset of fame and money. Adele could date an Irishman like Danny or any guy she likes and who likes her for all the right reasons, but she has a bloke already. And we get to hear more beautiful songs from her dating experiences. Matters of the heart should stay private (between them), but not in music.
I am partial to Adele and Sacajawea-- women who set inspirational examples for other women, which reminds me of Wednesday Addams (my hero) from one of my favorite movies, "Addams Family Values." Happy birthday Charles Addams! (Google’s Doodle of the Day) Love this scene: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccj2BH25c0I.

- An Independent Mormon Angkor, England London South Mission

Megan said...

I really hope you got a flat top. I would love to see you with a flat top and beard.