27 January 2011

Life at the Duke

I have now been at my school for three weeks and still have not recorded a full week. Today was a snow day (Washingtonians are much less adept to snow than Bostonians or Utahns) so my streak continues. One of my reasons for wanting to be a high school teacher is that everyday is exciting and funny things happen and every day is different. Here is a sampling of elucidations to help you see why I enjoy my job so much:
  • I have been affectionately titled 'The White Mr. Bennett' since there is another Mr. Bennett at the school who is, well, not white.
  • I have students with names like Quadaja, Tyeisha, Aquil, Dominique, and twins Summer & Winter.
  • I get to teach my kids that angles can't be parallel and that a polygon with thirteen sides is called a 13-gon, not a bagon, deseagon, tridecagon, or ? as they like to write on their tests.
  • The only place to park in DC is on the sidewalk, so that's what everyone does at the school.
  • A quote from one of my female students, a full decade younger than me: 'Mr. Bennett. I heard you have a girlfriend! I like your shirt today. And your hair. You have great hair Mr. Bennett. It's so long and smooth." Me: "Umm, thanks Marche. That's nice of you to say." 
My school is really fantastic. I love it a lot. You should come visit.

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