11 January 2011

My New School

Me in front of my school. Er, rather, Mt. Vernon.
I have officially moved to Washington, District of Columbia and started my student teaching in mathematics. I will be teaching geometry to 10th graders.
Yes, I have to walk through a metal detector to get in the school in the morning.
By my observation, the school is 85% African-American.
Quote of the day: A student came up to my cooperating teacher and whispered something to her so that I wouldn't hear. When she left my cooperating teacher said to me, "She thinks you look like Jim from The Office. But you don't, she just thinks all white people look alike."
It's funny because A) It's just funny. B) I have been told by multiple sources that I look like Jim from The Office, so I don't necessarily think this girl thought all white people look alike...
Luckily my Thailand excursion gave me some experience being the only white person in the class.


Jenny said...

You don't look like Jim from the office.

Emilie said...

So excited for you!

Hunter said...

Yeah, you look like Jim from the office. Nothing bad, Jim is a handsome man!


Cat said...

She was probably commenting less on looks, and more on your laid-back, approachable attitude, with a bit of mischief. Now that's like Jim.

Also, this makes me really excited to hear more about how teaching is going (that was a slight hint). I am proud/very jealous.

Jen R. said...

I agree with comment one: you don't look like Jim.