22 December 2012

The Killers Concert Review

The Killers' Battleborn US tour was by far the best concert I have ever been, or at least since the BHS Band-o-rama of '04. 2004 was a memorable year of middle and high school musicians and the holiday concert midway through the year was a great example of the talent. It would be hard to top that Band-o-rama; I was playing 1st trumpet as a high school senior in the concert band and the jazz band. I got to do the horse whiny at the conclusion of Leroy Anderson's Sleigh Ride and was in the last performing group out of all the elementary, middle, and high school musicians in my hometown of Belmont, MA. The more I think about it that night was probably the pinnacle of my my life. I can't think of anything of such significance that I've done since... Starck can probably back me up on that.
But the second most memorable event of my life was on Tuesday, December 18- one week before Christmas when I went to the Killers' DC concert with my brother-in-law. We are both Killers' fans and with the holidays approaching he and my sister decided to get us tickets to the show. My faithful readers have read my posts about the Killers before, and know of my fanaticism. (But if you're new, I have blogged about them in various degrees here, here, and here.) I have never heard a Killers' song that I don't like. of course there are some I like more than others, but I love every one I know (which is all of them). When I get bored I study their Wikipedia page and watch Brandon Flowers' 'I am a Mormon' video. If you haven't seen it yet follow my link. Even still, this was my first opportunity to see them live.
They began the show by coming out with all the house lights on- and they stayed on- for the entirety of their hit Mr. Brightside. WOW. What a song and what a performance. Seriously, it was amazing. With all the lights on there were no visual effects- just an emphasis on the singing, which was incredible. They then played my favorite song off their new album, called 'The Way it Was.' After those two songs I felt I could melt away and die. The closest comparison I can make would be to the time I ate smoked pineapple while water skiing through Mexican underground rivers. The two feelings were pretty much one and the same.
Brandon Flowers is definitely the front man for The Killers, but I was still quite impressed with the drummer- Ronnie Vannucci, Jr. He played percussion better than anyone I've ever seen (again, at least since 2004). He was rocking so hard I thought he was going fall over. He also took rocking to a whole new level by using a wooden rocking chair instead of the typical drummer's chair. Apparently Ronnie takes things very literally. He wasn't the only one either. During 'Somebody Told Me' they got a girlfriend who looked like a boyfriend that I had in February of last year up to the stage. During 'Spaceman' there was a guest appearance by John Glenn, who looked a little too frail to be at a rock concert. While they performed 'Miss Atomic Bomb' they set off mini explosions during the chorus (that part is true). 'Jenny Was a Friend of Mine' had flashbacks of audience members' former friends named Jenny (how they obtained the photos I'll never know. Probably Facebook and Instagram?). Anyway, the whole experience was amazing. I thought the performance was spectacular and everything I wanted. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing The Killers and I plan to see them again live in the future.
What has been your most memorable concert?

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